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There was one guy who started his own local garage door business, The Garage Door Guy, and there was his family and surrounding community that led him to serve others with integrity and fair prices through great garage door service.

As it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to manage a residential garage door company near Downriver, MI and the surrounding Wayne County area. The Garage Door Guy is a family-owned business with almost 40 years of certified garage door sales, service, and distribution experience. They have gained a reputable standard for customer care and the care that the owner and his team provide in every garage door call.

Customer service, excellence, integrity, and family values say everything about us.

To get to know the best neighborhood garage door service, you must get to know the owner—Justin Haggadone. Having grown up in the Detroit Metro area, he was also surrounded by entrepreneurial family members who have all led successful businesses of their own. However, before he started his experience with doors, Justin didn’t like working the factory shipping and receiving line and wished to be happier at his job.

He dipped his toes in the garage door industry after some convincing from his cousin, whom he ran into at a family funeral. After three offers, Justin joined his cousin Jeff at the large garage door company he was working at, and they were among the best technicians at the franchise before they both diverged. Once another large company reached out for him to be on their team, Justin only committed for two weeks before he decided to start The Garage Door Guy. He wanted to separate his garage door business from the corporation from which he had gained garage door experience for years. In the meantime, he was self-employed and subcontracted so he could build a foundation for himself.

Fair prices provided by trusted and local garage door experts

Officially launching The Garage Door Guy in the spring of 2017, Justin wanted to provide a suitable foundation for his family and his neighborhood with dependable garage door service. He’s always enjoyed helping people and improving their day by solving their problems through his knack for fixing things. After a couple of years of running his own company, Justin brought his cousin Jeff and a couple of other guys from the larger companies he had worked for to join The Garage Door Guy.

Today, the team at The Garage Door Guy consists of:

Justin Haggadone
Justin Haggadone | Owner
Meredith Haggadone
Meredith Haggadone | Customer Service Manager
Jeff Urban
Jeff Urban | Lead Installer
Lynn | Scheduling Rep
Jim Conley  –
Jim Conley | Technician
Justin Ferrence –
Installer and Tech
Justin Ferrence | Technician and Installer

As a family business at the core, Justin has gained a team of garage door grandmasters like himself who only want to make a difference in the honest and local garage door service they serve in Downriver, MI and the Detroit Metro area. Now married with three young daughters, Justin and his wife Merideth enjoy going off-roading and vacationing as a family.

“Growing up, I would always hear, “Do you have a guy to fix this or fix that?’”

The Garage Door Guy Sponsorships

Carlson Marauders
Mini Marauders
Huron River Yellow Jackets
Huron River Yellow Jackets
Taylor North Logo
Taylor North Little League

When you service your garage door with us, you’re helping support local organizations and great ambitions from the same neighborhoods! The Garage Door Guy sponsors the whole Taylor North Little League division, the Yellowjackets football and cheer, and the Carlson Marauders football and basketball team.

The Garage Door Guy also sponsors a local dirt bike racer, Jaxon, who ranked 14th in Nationals in not only his second year of competing nationally but also from his daughter’s second-grade class!

See him from his most recent race at the amateur motocross event, Motoplayground!

We’re so proud of you, Jaxon!

Jaxon- About Us

Want to Know More About The Garage Door Guy?

The best part of our day isn’t about us; it’s about finding the best solutions for all your garage door needs. We love making your day great by resolving and renewing your garage door system any day of the week. Our garage door repair and installation company has come a long way from being just “that guy” down the street from the metro Detroit area. Serving all of Wayne County and the surrounding communities, schedule your garage door service with our family-oriented team today.

The Garage Door Guy
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