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Common Garage Door Opener Repair Signs You Don’t Want To Ignore

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Common Garage Door Opener Repair Signs

  • Your garage door is opening much slower than normal
  • Your garage door is making strange noises during operation
  • Your garage door is partially opening and then stopping or reversing directions
  • Your garage door opener smells like it’s burning
  • Your garage door opener motor runs continuously
  • Your keypad, remote control, or wall switch isn’t working
  • Your garage door opener light is not working properly
  • Your enhanced safety features have stopped working
  • You are unable to override your system to open your door manually
  • Your garage door opener clicks but your door does not open or close

Garage Door Opener Repairs We Offer

Despite the variety of garage door opener systems available, our skilled technicians are highly trained to offer garage door opener repair for all garage door opener types. Though specifics vary, every garage door opener is made of these essential components that are suitable for repair:

  • Chains
  • Belts
  • Keypad Openers
  • Opener Remotes
  • Opener Motors
  • Safety Eye Sensors
  • Circuit Boards
  • Emergency Release Mechanisms
  • Bolts and Screws

Our technicians will locate the issue and provide repairs geared toward the faulty hardware or software component in question to have your garage door opener up and running again in no time.

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