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Our Product Options for NEW Garage Door Openers

Depending on the garage door you choose and the layout of your garage, we can recommend the best new garage door opener for your home. Fortunately, LiftMaster Garage Door Openers has it all! 

They offer the varieties below to ensure your garage door operates reliably for years to come. Not sure which drive style or opener type is the best for your door’s operating system? Let The Garage Door Guy help you narrow down your options!

  • Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers
  • Belt-Drive Garage Door Openers
  • Wall Mount Garage Door Openers
  • Direct-Drive Garage Door Openers
  • Smart Garage Door Openers

Our Favorite Brand for Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster is a leading brand in the United States that produces automatic door systems. They specialize in garage door openers and offer a wide range of products for both residential and commercial use. We highly recommend their products for a high-quality garage door opener installation.

Their garage door openers come equipped with advanced technology and built-in safety features to ensure optimal safety and security. Additionally, LiftMaster garage door openers offer smart garage door features through myQ, such as smartphone garage monitoring, two-way voice communication, and video surveillance.

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Liftmaster chain drive opener

LiftMaster 8365 Chain-Drive Opener
liftmaster belt-drive opener
LiftMaster 87504 Belt-Drive Opener

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best garage door opener type for my detached garage?

Belt-drive openers are perfectly suited for homeowners who require a quiet operation, especially if your young ones are sensitive to sound or a bedroom is next to or above an attached garage. If you need heightened durability for your detached garage, many updated commercial operators favor belt drive types. If sound is not a desired preference, then a chain-drive garage door opener would be perfect for a detached garage in Downriver, MI.

Are there other types of garage door openers that are available in Downriver, MI?

Of course! There are also screw-drive openers which have fewer moving parts. These openers also tend to require less maintenance. They’re often used for large, heavy doors and are quieter than chain drives, but not as quiet as belt-drive openers.

We’re also able to service and provide garage door opener repair for any other style or brand of opener you may have!

Are you ready to learn more about the options available for garage door openers? The Garage Door Guy is ready to assist you with top-rated, local service with the help of leading brands like LiftMaster. Ask us about their AC-powered 8365 and DC-powered 87504 products; they’re our locals’ and experts’ favorites!

We love helping local homeowners find the right garage doors and openers to ensure the reliability and safety of their garage door system. Contact us to learn about the great openers listed above and more!

Contact Us For Garage Door Opener Installation And More

Contact The Garage Door Guy for garage door opener installation near Brownstown, Detroit, and Trenton, MI with incredible products like the ones from LiftMaster. We would love to help you find the best opener for your home, ensuring it is installed with excellence and built to last. 

If you’re looking for a quiet, strong garage door opener, contact us to book your free consultation! We have new garage door openers in stock and ready to be installed in your home!

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