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Garage Door Spring Repair Near Brownstown, MI

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How Garage Door Springs Work

Signs That Point to Needed Garage Door Spring Repair

garage door spring repair and replacement service
  • Loud noises such as grinding or squeaking during opening and closing
  • 3-4 inch gaps in the garage door spring’s coils
  • The garage door jerking uncontrollably as it attempts to open or close
  • The garage door cables are loose or have fallen off their drum
  • The garage door starts to open and then stops suddenly
  • The garage door reverses directions mid-cycle
  • The garage door is difficult or too heavy to open manually
  • A loud popping sound coming from your garage 
  • The garage door slams shut without any warning

Same-Day Garage Door Spring Repair in Wayne County, MI

garage door spring repair

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Due to the tension garage door springs carry, DIY garage door spring repair or replacement is extremely risky. A spring replacement should always be completed by a trained professional who fully understands the tools needed and the steps involved to ensure a safe and successful garage door spring replacement. 

If one of your garage door springs is worn down, damaged, or broken completely, there’s a good chance the other spring will reach that same point of deterioration quickly. It’s always wise to replace both springs at the same time, which will save time and money down the road. 

Extension springs typically last 7-10 years, and torsion springs last 10-15 years. Schedule annual garage door maintenance to extend the life of your garage door springs. During a tune-up, The Garage Door Guy will inspect and lubricate your springs to ensure all is well! Contact us for more information.

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