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How To Prepare For New Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation can be easy, but it can also be hard without some direction in place. The Garage Door Guy can tell you what you need to do to prepare for garage door installation,  so it goes off without a hitch. 

With our team of local, friendly, and knowledgeable garage door experts in Downriver, MI, the following five steps will surely help anyone prepare for new garage door installation:

1. Pick Your Selections From The Garage Door Guy

The first step in preparing for garage door installation is picking out your colors, panels, designs, and materials. We will walk you through the whole selection process, as there are many configurations a garage door could have. 

If you want a traditional short-panel steel garage door with wide windows or a custom faux wood garage door, we can make that happen for you. When you see your desired selections in front of you, it makes for a more confident final decision that your new garage door will fit your home perfectly.

2. Plan to Stay Home

It’s a good idea to stay home the day of the installation visit so you’re available to answer questions from The Garage Door Guy and our installers. We will help ensure your garage door installation goes smoothly, but at least one family member should be present while we’re working. 

You’ve prepared for your new garage door installation, and now see it through to the end!

Please Note: 
Make sure your garage is cleaned out before and during the garage door installation. Personal items like storage, vehicles, and shelves should be removed and out of the way from the sides, middle, and front of the garage. Items that could get in the way of installing a new garage door opener must be cleared as well. This way, The Garage Door Guy can access the entire door system, and our installers can have the space to move ladders and longer pieces of material freely.

3.  Remember Your Selections

There are many configurations you can choose from for a unique garage door or the perfect variation of style and design for your home in Downriver, MI. After all the choices you’ve gone through alone or with one of our team members, it’s easy to lose track of what you originally wanted. 

We recommend keeping every invoice, estimate, list, or notation of your final garage door configurations to remember your selections. Go over your final selections in-person or over the phone to avoid an incorrect order. While we’re installing your new garage door, this is also a crucial time to see your selections come to fruition. 

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4. Prepare Questions to Ask the Installers

While you may ask questions throughout your garage door installation journey, we had to include a step that you prepare questions for your new garage door installation. 

As your new garage door is being set up, the Garage Door Guy installer can answer questions and teach you how to care for and maintain your new garage door. For instance, if you also have a new garage door opener installation, The Garage Door Guy can inform you of the best ways to ensure your overhead operating system stays in optimal condition.

5. Evaluate the Finished Product

Finally, you can evaluate the finished garage door installation, and see if everything turned out as you planned! This is the time to make sure your garage door system works properly, and you know the ins and outs of operating your new garage door in Downriver, MI. Another reason for staying home the day of installation is ensuring the finished product is done successfully. 

Kickstart Your Garage Door Installation With One Call!

Garage door installation has many levels due to the style and design configurations you can make, and we want your vision for your new garage door to come out exactly as you wanted! Don’t worry, The Garage Door Guy is here for you every step of preparing for garage door installation! With one call, you can kickstart your unique garage door dream with a free estimate. 

After we laid out the five small steps to prepare you for garage door installation, choosing your new garage doors never sounded so easy! Call The Garage Door Guy to start on your new garage door in Downriver, MI and the surrounding area today.

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